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The Division New Patch Nerfing Some Popular Weapons

The Division was once a popular game when it launched but the player base is gradually decreasing day by day.

There are a lot of reasons why players stopped playing the Division. One of the probable reasons why people quit the game is because cheaters are everywhere, especially in the PvP Dark Zone.

Another probable reason is that the game doesn’t put emphasis on other weapons, leaving people with a limited number of options as to what guns they should use.

You see, some guns are highly underpowered and some guns are just too powerful. Of course, to edge the competition, you need to be using the most powerful guns in the game.

Well, The Division will have a new patch soon that will nerf some of the most overpowered weapons in the game.

This patch is centered towards nerfing SMG-type weapons. Since their inception in the game, a lot of people are using them because of their sheer power and their rapid-fire mechanism is truly enticing.

Players were already aware that SMG-type weapons are too overpowered, and they feared that the weapon sub-type will get a nerf sooner or later.

Well, they’re right, because the upcoming patch for the game will nerf overpowered weapons, the SMG-type weapons included.

The AUG and the Vector, two of the most frequently used SMG-type weapons, will have a 10% damage reduction right off the bat. That is because their current power levels are a bit higher than other SMG-type weapons.

Furthermore, SMG-type weapons will have their critical damage and critical probability decreased dramatically in order for other weapons to become prominent as well.

Also, they’re going to make some changes to the M1A to make it a marksman rifle as opposed to a gun that Rambo would wield.

So, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it depends on your perspective. If you want people to try out different weapons, then this balancing act is a good thing.

If you see that the game will not be enjoyable without these overpowered weapons, then the update is going to give you a hard time enjoying this game.

Well, if you do not like the changes to the current weapons, there is still something to look forward to. There will be new weapons that are going to be released. Each of these weapons will have “weapon talents” as well.

There will be a new shotgun which has the “showstopper” weapon talent. This talent gives the user increased accuracy the fewer bullets you have remaining in your clip.

A new assault Rifle called the “G36” will also be introduced. It has the “Focused” weapon talent in which the weapon’s damage will increase when there are no skills on cooldown.

Next, the SVD Marksman rifle. It has the “Decisive” weapon talent where if you kill a target with this rifle, the next shot will surely be a critical hit.

And lastly, the PP-19 Sub-machine Gun. It comes with the “Hurried” talent where every critical hit you make will decrease the reload times of the weapon by a certain percentage.

The new Division Patch will be available along with the release of their new paid DLC called “Underground”.

The Division is available for the PC, Xbox One, And Playstation 4 game consoles.